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This is UnionPay, Click here to Alipay or WeChatPay

Demo: Test demo site for UnionPay of Shopify

Please click Test Demo , This is a demo site for UnionPay of Shopify, You can try to test.

Step 1: How to obtain an UnionPay account.

You should have a UnionPay merchant account before following this tutorial.
If you don't have a merchant account, you should apply for one from the UnionPay official website.
Contact UnionPay support directly when you meet some issues.

Please click on UnionPay official website.
You need to apply for opening PC Payment Gateway and Mobile Wap Payment.

Help Center: Please click on Help Center to view.

You will need to prepare UnionPay MerID、Private Certificate、Public Certificate.
Follow this tutorial after you get them.

请点击 获取私钥证书PDF帮助文档 去查看,详细步骤请参见:4.4证书导出流程。

Step 2: Install UnionPay App.

1.Please click on UnionPay App , Enter your myshopify.com name and checked Agreed, Then click on "Add This App".

Install UnionPay App

2. Install UnionPay App, Click on "Install unlisted app".

Install UnionPay

3. Approve charge.

Approve Charge

4. Open UnionPay, Click on "UnionPay".

Open UnionPay

Step 3: Install UnionPay Gateway to Shopify.

Please click on UnionPay Gateway to install it for Shopify, Click on "Install payment provider".

Install UnionPay Gateway

Step 4: Set your information at UnionPay App and Shopify Store background.

Input your UnionPay MerID、Certificate Password and Upload Private Certificate *.pfx、Public Certificate *.cer file in UnionPay App.

UnionPay And Shopify Set

Then visit your Shopify Store background, Input your Shopify Gateway key and Gateway Password in Shopify Store background and Save.

UnionPay And Shopify Set

Step 5: Try UnionPay Checkout.

Go Through Order Proccess, At checkout step

unionpay checkout

Step 6: Check Transaction History.

You can check your transaction through your UnionPay App background.

unionpay checkout

Step 7: FAQ.


Step 8: How to uninstall the UnionPay App.

If you don't want to use and termination of the monthly fee, Click on "Uninstall".

How to uninstall the UnionPay App