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How to support refund for Alipay?

1.Visit your store > Apps > Installed apps > Click on Alipay.

Click on the app

2.Please check the "Enable Support For Refunds?" option and save the information for Alipay Global or Alipay China.

Alipay Global Enable Refund

Alipay China Enable Refund

3.Create a refund from the shopify order background, Multiple refunds are supported.

Click on refund from shopify
Refund from shopify

4.View refund status in Alipay App.

View refunds for alipay

4.Please wait a few seconds and refresh the order page,
Confirm the refund status in Shopify order detail Timeline.

Confim refunds status for alipay global
Here the refunds are successfully for Alipay China.
Confim refunds status for alipay china

5.This's all, Thank you.