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China Speed Up: Optimize shopify loading speed in China

Please click China Speed Up , the app help optimize shopify loading speed in China.

Step 1: How to obtain an Wechatpay account.

Visit WechatPay (International business click here) website and register your account. you will need to input your email address and then verify it, setup your login password and pay password. You'll get Mchid and Appid in the open mail.

Login WechatPay set your Apikey.(在微信商户平台(pay.weixin.qq.com)-->账户中心-->账户设置-->API安全-->密钥设置中).

You will need to prepare WechatPay Mchid , Appid and Apikey.

Step 2: Install WechatPay App.

1.Please click WechatPay App , Enter your shopify store to install the App

Install WechatPay App

2. Install WechatPay

Install WechatPay

3. Approve charge


4. Open WechatPay

Step 3: Set your information at WechatPay App and Shopify Store background.

Input your MchId , AppId and Apikey in Wechat and choose the country and currency when you apply, Save .

Click here to install the Wechatpay gateway.

Then visit your Shopify Store background, Input your Shopify Gateway key and Gateway Password in Shopify Store background and Save.

WechatPay And Shopify Set

Step 4: Try WechatPay Checkout.

Go Through Order Proccess, At checkout step

Alipay-Payments checkout

Step 5: Check Transaction History.

You can check your transaction through your WechatPay App background

Alipay-Payments checkout

Step 6: FAQ.